Are Video Games Hurting Our Kids?

There has been a lot of recent discussions about how kids are interacting with adults in a different way. On one end we can attribute the changes in communication to generational changes that happen over time. On the other end, we can attribute it to the advance in technology.

From the time that my kids have been small, they have been playing with electronics as a source of entertainment. It starts off as very simple learning methods to help them memorize colors, shapes, and even letters of the alphabet. Eventually, what ends up happening is that kids do not understand that this is a fact a learning tool and come to incorporate entertainment with electronic devices or vice versa.

There was one incident when we had a birthday party for my son’s third year and one of the kids saw our big screen TV. Being a curious child, patterned into habits based on his surroundings, he immediately walked up to it and started swiping. As cute as we thought this definitely raised eyebrows in the sense that our kids were able to identify more with a big screen, than get excited about a room full of toys.

My wife and I laid in bed that night and talked about whether or not we should limit the amount of time that our kids spend in front of computer screens, TV screens, tablets and electronic gaming devices. At first, I didn’t think there was any harm to it. But she did raise a few valid points after she did a little bit of research with some of her friends. Some mothers went to extremes and immediately donated their video game consoles to homeless shelters. I thought that was excessive and harsh, and my wife agreed. We did agree on some other points and it was determined that there may be some underlying long term developmental issues if we do not limit the amount of exposure to video games.

On one hand video games are great because they have introduced a new way for kids to interact with a machine that may contain more information than their parents. The best way to teach a child is to show them more than you know.
Another advantage of video games is it enhances hand-eye coordination. Small children can start to learn left right up-and-down at an age where motor skills are developing and they may find themselves an an advantage later on in life.

The final key that I noticed that my kids have learned over the years of playing video games that they have a lead sense of humility when they lose. They are not defeated whenever they don’t reach the next level in a video game. Instead, they are more encouraged and motivated to not make the same mistake again and reach the next level successfully. I can only hope that they apply the same mentality to all aspects of their life. Never quit, just keep trying, figure out what you’re doing wrong and enhance the situation.

Some of the drawbacks that my wife mentioned was that a lot of the video games are being used as a replacement for actual social interaction in the form of going outside to play in engaging in physical activity. Whether or not there is a correlation between the increase in access to video games and the increased rate of obesity and small children, it just can’t be healthy for a small child whose body needs exercise to develop for them to spend most of their time sitting on couches.

Addition to that, how are children going to learn how to interact with other humans they spend most of their time indoors trapped behind a screen. I kids are afraid to interact organically, how can we expect the next generation of kids to value the importance of safe and healthy tangible interaction.

Less attention to detail. It is known that these video games are fast moving and it’s going to change the attention span and the thought processes of kids as their minds are shaping. It’s important to find video games that have a long collective goal instead of just a series of short wins so that the kids are not losing focus in a short amount of time.

Social implications and the long term effects outweigh the benefits of small kids playing with video games for too long. We figured that our children will thank us later when they are well rounded and living normal productive lives as adults. The risks are too large and our discussion was enough for us to consider decreasing the amount of time that our kids will spend playing video games. We came up with the great idea of using them as a reward system. When kids do normal kid stuff, they get to do extraordinary things with the computers. Let’s hope it works.

Total Recall – There Was a Video Game

I decided to take a break from the regular video game posts and even though I’m just reflecting on regular life, I’m still going to be able to relate to some type of video games, because… that’s just the type of guy I am. A friend and I were hanging out the other day and we were just talking about how much fun our kids that had over the summer. My friend told me that he took his kids to Disneyland, Legoland, and Seaworld and still had enough within his budget to take him and his wife to Vegas for romantic getaway. I told him that I had taken my kids to the San Diego Zoo, Long Beach Aquarium, Legoland and took a family vacation out-of-state. We both agreed that our kids had it way better than we did as kids. When I was my oldest kids age, I was lucky if I was able to go to an amusement park once a year, let alone go to 1,2 or three in the same season. But I guess it’s all relation because when the Nintendo Entertainment System first came out in the 80s it was a big deal if one kid on the block had one of those. Now everybody’s got a home entertainment system and if you don’t, there is a good chance that you have some type of game on your mobile device that takes the place of having a PlayStation or Xbox.

We marveled at how we are actually now at that age where everything is starting to come back in full circle and we laughed and used total recall as an example. The movie total recall which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon stone came out back in 1990 and the video game came out later that year also released on the tendo entertainment system. That movie was great and we couldn’t understand why made a horrible remake with Colin Farrell back in 2012. Fortunately they didn’t try to make a video game for that one but we thought that was interesting that we’re at the age where remakes of movies are being done.

And I guess it’s a reflection of how much times have truly changed. My friend and I were standing there in my backyard just talking like two regular guys who have never grown up. But the reality was that he owns a successful swimming pool cleaning company in Pasadena and I was a successful entrepreneur/blogger who was living life completely different from the way that our parents were. So it really makes sense that our kids would have a completely different childhood from what we enjoyed in the 80s. I just wish there was some way for us to convince our kids to go outside and play every now and then. The problem our parents had with us was getting us to come home on time for dinner, or what ever time they said to come back home. Now here we are, watching terrible remakes of great movies from the 90’s, and arguing with our kids about them doing the opposite of what we tell them to do. Maybe time doesn’t change. Just thinking about it gave us the chills, “it’s like total recall man.”

The Best Classic 80’s Gaming Arcade

Hello everybody, today we will be talking about the best 80s retro arcade that we have ever come across.

One time we were  over in Pasadena California on our way to the Oregon coast. We were coming from San Diego and stopped to Pasadena because we heard that there was a very popular arcade.  The name of the place was neon retro arcade. This arcade literally had every classic game you could possibly think of. They had Mario, donkey Kong, miss Pac-Man, Pac-Man, tumor raider, Zelda, and every other game we could think of.

There were all the classic shooting games as well. Games like duck hunt, predator, alien, Jurassic Park.   It is really amazing how many games that one arcade can have from the 80s era.  We stopped  there because we were looking on Google and we saw over 25 star reviews and one of them said that it was the number one arcade in the country, so we had to go.

There is a big important for arcades because they are the only thing left that has any 80s games    Available. The big problem is that a lot of the ritual arcades are closing down because The younger crowds don’t appreciate do you older games as much as we do. This is because they are too much into the new modern games that are out that they overlook the classics. The greatest action and adventure is in the old video games.  Surprisingly though, this arcade does very well as everybody in Pasadena California talks about it. They get over 100,000 unique stir visitors every single month.  The retro arcade offers the rarest of 80s games as well. They have a Pac-Man machine that only has two in the world left and it is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s not all they have, there  over all kinds of action figures, retro clothing, 80s movie memorabilia, props from very famous 80s TV shows, and much more regarding 1980s era things.

Their games are especially amazing though because everything is completely original. What you will see at a lot of different our kids is that  all the gaming machines that are there are either a replica or a refurbished peace, they don’t have anything that is in great original condition.  We were able to meet the owner of the arcade is well.  He is a very amazing man and treats his customers like no another. We would definitely recommend that you go and see his arcade.  His name is Jonathan and he owns two different businesses in Pasadena. He has his gaming arcade, and he also has a tree service business.  Since Jonathan was able to give us such good customer service and showed us such an amazing time we feel that it is appropriate to help his businesses out a little.   So please remember to check out the classic arcade like we said before and also go support his Pasadena tree services business as well.

Thats all we have for today everybody. Thank you for tuning in once again!

The Awesome Memories

Hello everybody back at it again with yet another gaming post for you guys. Today we will be discussing the topic of gaming in the 80s. We will not be doing an in-depth review or talking about any games specifically. We will just be reflecting over some of the awesome times in the 80s and what the 80s gaming area has done for what things are like today.

So let’s dive right in. The 80s gaming era was a very innovational time for video game developers. With the first video game of pong coming out in the late 1970s, we hadn’t seen much for gaming yet. So that left The 80s as a time to really prove to people what we could create with our imaginations. We had so many awesome games like super Mario Brose, donkey Kong, need for speed, miss Pac-Man, Pac-Man, tumor raider, the legend of Zelda, Kirby, and so many other life-changing video games that we could go on the list for the next two days straight it seems like. The developers of this era really proved themselves and they changed the world forever. Gaming would not be anything like what it is today if the 80s gaming time did not exist, heck games probably wouldn’t even exist at all. We know it sounds crazy because these games that came out 30+ years ago seem ancient and too simple for the human brain, but back then these things were futuristic. The first day that super Mario Brothers came out everybody was ranting and Raven over it because they had never seen anything like that in their lives. We are talking about some rapid expansion here. Literally going from black-and-white TVs that were barely invented 10 years previous, to fully interactive colored video games. Could you even imagine what that was like for us when we were little kids?

All of the amazing titles that came out really set the bar and foundation for the innovation that occurs in today’s gaming world. The initial push that those developers gave inspired people for generations to come to push the limits of technology as well and really see what we could create. Who knows, maybe even the Internet and Google wouldn’t exist if these life-changing video games were not created.

All we are trying to say is that the 80s was really an amazing time for advancement in gaming and you really have to give the developers from that age a lot of credit.

Again everybody, thanks for reading and check back momentarily for new blog posts coming soon! And game on friends! image

Review of RuneScape

imageHello everybody, we are back with a new post for you guys that has to do with modern gaming this time. Today we will be doing in in-depth review over and MMORPG called RuneScape. Some of you reading this may know about this game and some of you may not and some may also avidly play it. Whatever the case we want to do a nonbiased review stating the pros and cons of the game to see if you guys would like to play it

The first awesome thing we would like to focus on with this game is that it’s completely free to play in less you want to become a member. The free version is pretty basic and doesn’t give you much it gives you enough time to learn the game for when you’re ready to become a member. Becoming a member is awesome as well because it’s only five dollars a month talk about sheep right? There’s literally thousands and thousands of hours of gameplay just for five dollars a month. When you become a member it opens up a whole new world for you by letting you use all new weapons levels missions, enemies you can fight, money you can earn, places you can go, and anything you can possibly think of. Read More

The Top 5 Games of The 80’s

The 80s was an amazing decade for games.  There are many amazing titles that came out.  We think that the 80s was really a game changer for video games. This era set the stone full of modern game in use today and then this post we are going to share with you our top five picks for the best  Games of the 1980s.

Number one-Pac-Man.  Such a simplistic game but so much fun at the same time, Pac-Man is truly a legend that went down in history books.  The simple fact of dodging enemies to eat little pebbles to win a game is so genius  because it just keeps the audience constantly captivated. We are guessing that it is that fear of getting attacked and losing the match that really gets that  adrenaline going. Don’t you love when you’re playing a video tetracyclinegame and  you so close to failing and you’re on the edge of your seat just because you don’t want to lose?  Well that is the exact feeling that Pac-Man gives you when you’re playing it.

Tetris-  this is a game that we think is really amazing because it is so simple yet so amazing. It speaks to many audiences as well. If you are a person that won something challenging it is perfect because as you  progress the levels gets harder and harder.               Sometimes the pieces move so fast that you barely have enough time to fit them together so it requires you to really use your brain.  Another audience that  this game spoke  two was the older crowd. It really helped the generations before ours to understand what video games were.  Tetris will definitely go down in the history books as one of the greatest games ever invented. Whoever created this was truly a genius and we have to applaud them for the masterpiece that they created.

Ms. Pac Man-  this is a game that is amazing because it is something that really spoke to the female audience. Back in the 1980s, video gaming was just something that women didn’t do. Most of them thought it was very immature and stupid to be honest.  When Miss Pac-Man  Dropped  it would change the face of gaming forever. If you think about it it was really this game set the foundation for the female population of gamers  today.  Read More

Welcome Everyone to Chipretro

Gaming of The 80’s


Welcome everybody to our first official post! This is a blog that is dedicated to the 80’s gaming era. We are a group of avid gamers that have been involved with games ever since pong came out. There were so many awesome games that were released in the 1980’s and we would just like to reminisce on many of the awesome memories that came out of those games. This blog is for an audience of similar people that are from the same era typically, but we want to make this a blog that everybody from benefit from. So in that case on top of posts about 80’s games, you can expect us to roll out content about modern games and recent news in the gaming world as well.


Overall we just want to be a blog that can bring back some awesome memories for people but also serve as tool that gamers can for help. We will be able to help people by writing posts with step by step guides of certain games as well as news on the latest and greatest games that are rolling out.

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